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Colonnade Protection 360° video for Bulgaria and Romania


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One of the obstacles that prevent people from purchasing insurance policies is their reluctance to think about the accidents that they might fall victim to. We have been working long-term with our client Colonnade to overcome this and other preconceptions.

Colonnade is an insurance company that provides excellent coverages at advantageous rates for corporate and private clients. To demonstrate the benefits of their Protection 360° insurance, it was necessary to display the variety of risks it covers. And that meant portraying a series of unpleasant incidents that could potentially put some consumers off.

We avoided this by creating a video that does not downplay or sugarcoat, but on the contrary – highlights many of the dangers, in a funny and cheerful way that is not meant to scare, but to inform and grasp the attention through humour. Simultaneously, it affirms Colonnade as a trustworthy partner who thinks about your peace of mind even as you are watching the ad.

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