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FuzeTea Secret Concert


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What we did

FuzeTea strives to inspire. For this campaign we were looking for “fusions” – people who are opposites, but complement each other to create an even better whole, be it in music, fun, work or life.

We organized the FuzeTea Secret concert with two of Bulgaria’s biggest music stars – Grafa and Beloslava. At an undisclosed location they also sang their new romantic summer hit song, made in collaboration with FuzeTea. We used TV, radio and the Internet to ask people to share their unique fusion on Instagram and win VIP invitations.

Тhrilled by the success of the concert, Coca-Cola and our team sought out love couples and selected one to say “Yes” to each other at a romantic beach ceremony, and star in the song’s official video. The song made the charts and inspired consumers to share love, art and FuzeTea.

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