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Visa and Postbank at Aniventure Comic Con 2023


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Taking care of your finances is a road to independence. Whether you are a fearless superhero, ninja, or sorcerer at Aniventure Comic Con, modern financial solutions give you the ability to be whoever you want in real life too.

Together with Visa and Postbank we helped spread that information by introducing visitors to the Project YOUth program in a way that was exciting for them.

We developed an area where guests had fun, learned about the benefits of the program, and shared their thoughts in a survey. They could test their concentration on our RC tracks inspired by the youth cards’ designs.

Visitors to the zone left with gifts, a chance to win a grand prize – a last-gen console – and the confidence that they can be whoever they want even outside of Aniventure Comic Con, thanks to the Project YOUth program.

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